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Patent registration

Patent registration is the request to register a patent for an invention. A patent is an industrial property title for an invention and as such gives its owner the right to prevent any other person or group of persons to use or exploit the patented invention for a specified time, typically 20 years in Israel, but this period can be extended.


The patent application is published 18 months after the day of the request, if there is no opposition in the following three months the patent is granted. If there is opposition the inventor has the right to defend his invention before the concerned authorities of whom the final decision depends.


The reason that patenting exists is mainly to encourage the development of industry and agriculture. The inventor has in his possession the monopoly of his invention for a specified time, after this time it becomes public property.


A patent does not automatically allow its owner to use his invention as he wishes, any invention can also be subjected to other rights according to what it is, sometimes it needs to get permission to bring it on the market or it must certified in order to ensure that it cannot cause damage to anyone or anything.


The patent is valid in the country where it is issued, but once it is granted it is possible for the inventor to apply to other countries or international patent.


To be able to patent an invention the inventor must include in the text of the patent a complete description of his invention and all necessary information for its reproduction, so that when the patent expires other people will be able to reproduce it.


Not everything can be patented, the invention must be new and unique, meaning that nothing identical to this one was written, publicly told or used until now. It must have innovative qualities and not be obvious, and it must be capable of being manufactured or used in agriculture or any other type of industry.