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About us

My name is Yohan, I was born in France and made Aliyah to Israel with my family at the age of 5. I speak three languages: French, Hebrew and English, I completed my three years in the Air Force of the IDF, graduated as a Real Estate Agent and have now started my first year at law school.

My real estate experience comes from my family, most of whom are real estate agents, lawyers, contractors or in other related professions. This, together with my time in the army, has allowed me to build a large network of people working across many different fields.

Having surfed the Internet, I realized that there are no comprehensive legal sites in Israel, i.e. sites which are written in several languages, which explain things simply and which everyone can understand. This fact makes things difficult for new immigrants from all over the world. Therefore I decided to build this site in Hebrew, French and English to help all Internet users, to guide them and to refer them to the best specialists in the field of law in Israel.

Whilst working towards my law degree I would be happy to direct users to various reputable and reliable lawyers, whom I have of course checked in depth beforehand.

Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will find on it the answers or the help you are looking for.

Good luck!