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Intellectual property

Intellectual Property Rights is an amalgam of rights that belong exclusively to the authors of intellectual creations for their works, products or services.

Intellectual property includes artistic, literary and industrial work, product or service such as writing, arts, inventions and more. This includes works of art such as sculptures, paintings, photographs, drawings, caricatures and others, literature such as texts, essays, articles and more, films, music, opera, dance, songs, software of computer wares, emblems, words or phrases denoting a specific product, graphic design and any other intellectual thing from a person or a group of persons.

For example about the intellectual property of music, downloading songs or other pieces of music violates copyrights of those who created them. This action is considered a crime against intellectual property and that is why there are now so many ongoing complaints against sites for the downloading of works protected by this law.

Intellectual property also includes the fraudulent reproduction in all areas whether works of art, products, services or anything else.

Intellectual property is an inalienable, perpetual and imprescriptible moral right which remains the property of its author beyond his death even if the work, product or service has fallen into the public domain. This right also goes automatically to the descendants of the author after the death of the author.
List of different Intellectual Properties:
• Copyright
• Industrial design right
• Passing off
• Patent registration
• Trade secret
• Trademark registration