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Traffic Laws

Traffic law

Traffic laws cover all legal issues relating to road transport. Travel by road is a blessing, but can also become a curse where accidents are concerned. In many cases accidents cause damage and serious personal injury. The traffic laws exist to try to prevent accidents as far as possible.

In most cases, there is strict liability under the law for violations of traffic offences, and thus the first issue to prove is that the accused actually and physically committed the crime in question. Once proven, the three mental elements of the case will be considered: awareness or wilfully blind behaviour, criminal intent (mens rea), strict liability and negligence.

Types of traffic offenses

There are not only traffic accidents, traffic offenses can be much more. A traffic offense may just be a failure to comply with a traffic sign, but the consequences of that can be mundane or fatal. It is the same with speeding, deviate from the road, bad overtake, talking on the phone or sending messages, lack of attention to what happens on the road or street, driving while intoxicated, and more.

The fight against traffic offenses

Of course the punishment policy is one of the main means for the fight against traffic offenses. First, there is education, training and information that increase public awareness, efforts are made to improve the quality of roads in the country, supervision and execution of existing laws by authorities, but this is not enough, even the fines are not always sufficient, only a sentencing policy to heavy prison sentences is likely to transmit the message.