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Writ of execution

A writ of execution is a court order to implement the ruling of a court or tribunal relating to financial rights. For example, when a person or business is owned money they can activate a writ of execution to recover the debt. As with any legal process there have to be clear rules, and debt recovery offices must operate in parallel with the court. There are two parties to a writ of execution: the Creditor, who has requested the enforcement of a debt and the Debtor, the person who owes the debt.

Implementation procedures for the creditor

For the creditor there are several ways to use the writ of execution: impounding, foreclosure, seizure of personal property, subpoenas as well as warrants, ban on leaving the country or confiscation by third parties.

Implement procedure for the debtor

There are also a number of procedures that the debtor can use to better manage his debts and their consequences, demonstrate that he has limited means, objection to the enforcement of the debt or claim that the debt has already been paid entirely.