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Administrative courts – Petitions


The Administrative Courts in Israel were established in 2000, and handle certain matters formerly dealt with by the Supreme Court. They are also sometimes referred to as the High Courts.


Israeli citizens live under the umbrella of the State and government institutions. The Administrative Court is the authority that stands between the State and all other government institutions. It is generally believed that anything which is not forbidden by law is permitted by law, but actually the legal situation is this: anything which is not permitted by law is forbidden. This subtle but distinct difference often causes problems and misunderstandings between citizens and the authorities.


The purpose of this legal branch is to regulate the activities of government institutions such as government agencies, government authorities, local authorities, state corporations and other public bodies, both amongst themselves and with regard to the citizens.


Administrative courts have to resolve problems of internal relations, such as the relationship between the government and ministers, between ministers and their staff, between the various authorities, and between citizens and those authorities.


Any citizen may file an administrative appeal against the decision of any authority related to education, local or municipal authorities, business licenses, and so on, if he feels cheated or has been hurt by that decision.


An administrative appeal enables citizens to challenge decisions taken by the authorities or other public bodies. But it is also used to address other issues such as civil rights, excessive taxation, problems with the local planning committee or the Ministry of Education, etc.

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