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Real Estate Renting

There are several reasons for an owner to make the decision to rent his property. But whatever the reason, the procedure to follow is the same in all cases. It is important to comply with the necessary steps in order to get a satisfactory rental. When speaking of satisfactory, it is not only for the owner, but also for the tenant. A satisfied tenant will do his best to stick to the contract, which means fewer problems.

The first thing to do for the owner is to prepare his plan and his rental strategy. By executing the steps one by one, the risks of errors are less, and everything is done easily. At any rate, the goal of the owner is to make a profit from his property. To do this he must make some decisions before publishing an advertisement for the rental of his property.

Step by step, to do before the rental announcement

Several parameters need to be set before posting a rental ad. These include the type of rental, the rental period, the profitability, the type of tenant and more.

Important parameters

Always important, but especially if there have already been one or more tenants in the housing. If there are repairs or changes to be made it is best to finish everything before announcing the rental.

Short term or long term, seasonal rental, furnished, empty, etc.

You must decide how to publish the ad. You can do everything yourself via your website, or by word of mouth. It is also possible to go through an agency, a website, or the famous Airbnb community platform.

Consider the living space, the existing equipment, the quality of the apartment and its condition. Also, its geographical location, near or far from shops, transport, and of course the benefit for the owner.

It is important to decide in advance what type of tenants the homeowner wishes to have. Single tenant, couples with or without children, pets, roommates etc.

It is important to visit the apartment with the tenant, to see together the state of the place.

What is Airbnb exactly?

One of the most recent terms that has been added to the dictionary of real estate rental is “Airbnb”. It is a paid community platform for renting housing. Everyone has access. Created in America in 2007, it has a phenomenal success with homeowners as well as tenants. It is true that it is more turned towards temporary and seasonal rentals, but also for long term.

According to owners who have used Airbnb, the rental price is much higher than by other means.

It is very simple to use. The owner registers himself on the site of Airbnb and can then publish his property for rent.  He will have to specify all the parameters of the lease.

The type of rental

It is important to decide in advance the type of rental and the duration of it. The short-term rental is for one or more days and up to one or more months. The long-term rental is for over a year. The seasonal is just for the holidays, a few days, weeks or months. Prices for short term and seasonal rentals are generally higher according to the owners.

Another thing to consider is if the apartment will be rented empty or furnished. The price is not the same in both cases. It must be considered that the furniture will be used and therefore will suffer some wear, see deterioration.

Why choose in advance a type of tenant?

This question is often asked, it does not seem so important and yet it is. A single tenant may be quieter and easier going than a family. He can also be a party-goer who makes noise and brings his friends home to celebrate days and nights. A family with children will make more noise than a family without children. An animal such as a dog or cat may make noise, disturb neighbors. This is not the case for a fish, and a little less for birds. However, it is better to think about it before the lease than after the signing of the contract.

Once the tenant is chosen the owner must ensure his solvency for the monthly payment of the rent. For this there are some official documents to get from him. He can send them to you by mail or better still, bring them by hand.

Documents to obtain from the tenant

Rent contract

Once all the preliminary steps are completed, the last thing to do is to take a lawyer. He will be with the owner to finalize the contract, especially for the signature. The contract is established to clarify the obligations and rights of both the owner and the tenant. The contract must state who will pay if there are repairs to be done before or during the rental. The end date of the lease is also important since the housing will return to the owner. He must ensure that his property will return properly and in good condition. It is almost always possible to negotiate the different points of the contract to the satisfaction of both parties.

Sections that must absolutely be included in the contract:

Once the contract is established with all its clauses, the tenant signs it as well as the guarantors who accompany him. Then it is the owner’s turn to sign the document. This done, the tenant will receive the keys to the housing.