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Privacy policy

In view of the rapid development of new technologies and the many new communication tools, the protection of privacy is increasingly important. No matter what website, it must be able to respect, protect and secure total privacy for its users.

This Privacy Policy is here to give you information about the collecting of private information from our users. It will also explain the techniques we use to respect, protect and secure this data.

By this, we formally commit to respect, protect and secure all personal information collected from our Clients/Visitors by our site.

Access to data

The access to the user’s private information is strictly reserved to the managers of the administrative and commercial management of our site. Anyone with access to this data is bound by a confidentiality obligation by contract.

Private data cannot be communicated to a recipient outside our site. There is only one exception to this confidentiality clause, and this is in the case where an official judicial authority so requests.

Personal information collected:

All the information mentioned below is not necessarily collected from each user. It all depends on what this user wants to do, whether it is a listing, a retail request, a purchase, or whatever. Nevertheless, we present you with a list of possibilities.

Means of data collection

We collect the personal data of our Clients/visitors through various means. It depends on the purpose of their visit to us. These means are:

The customer’s bank account or credit card data may also be requested, depending on what the user wishes to do on or obtain from the website.


Every website uses Cookies. They are tiny files usually made of numbers and letters. The website’s Internet server send them and places them directly into the browser on the hard disk of the user’s computer.

Some of these files are necessary for the proper functioning of the site, as well as to measure the audience that it receives. There are also buttons to share content on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The information collected by cookies remains on the site for one year.

In any case, the user must allow the use of cookies before the site can install them on his computer. Even in the case of a user who has given his permission, he can choose to disable the cookies anytime.

Depending on the configuration of the user’s computer regarding cookies, the users will have access to all the contents and functionalities of the site, or only to some of them.

Security means for data protection

Since safety is of paramount importance, we use the most stringent and sophisticated techniques to apply and test it continuously. We guarantee the highest possible level of confidentiality for your private data. Remember however, that using Internet always includes a small amount of risk.