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Commercial sale

The real estate field in Israel is one of the most flourishing, especially for investors. New buildings are being built all over the country, but especially in the center around Tel Aviv. This is where countless Israelis prefer to live, even if the cost of living is higher. It is also where many companies, businesses, start-ups and other organizations prefer to establish their offices.

Real estate is a real paradise for investors. The best is to invest in the purchase / sale of commercial property. This is where the investment is the most profitable, especially if the investor rents the property. However, the sale itself can also bring a very nice profit.

Sell ​​your property

The sale of commercial real estate is no different from the sale of any other property. Nevertheless, it is even more important to be accompanied by a real estate agent to complete all the steps. The regulation of real estate sales is strict, and you must know it perfectly well to comply with it. It’s the agent who will check if everything is in order at the cadaster and elsewhere. He will also visit the place to make an estimate and to highlight the most important aspects.

The reasons for a sale of real estate are various, from a death to a simple question of investment. This is one of the reasons why sales legislation are so strict.

Important steps

Just as for the purchase of real estate, commercial or not, its sale must be done by following certain steps. These steps will then make the sales contract much faster and easier.

Establishing the sale’s contract

After having followed all the steps and found a buyer, it is necessary to establish the sale’s contract. It is advisable for both the seller and the buyer, to be accompanied by a lawyer. These lawyers will guarantee the legality of the contract and witness its signature.

In the contract some of the most important clauses must appear, such as cancellation if payments are not made. The method of payment and date of the transfer of the goods to the buyer will also be indicated. If the property is mortgaged or otherwise, the legal process must be established to transfer the mortgage. It is the Ministry of Housing that deals with these cases. In case there are tenants it is necessary to indicate if they continue the renting and under which conditions.

The contract established with lawyers including all clauses and details must be approved by both parties. Once approved it is signed and the seller hands over the keys to the buyer.