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Tort Law


A tort is a civil wrong and the Law of Torts is the branch of law which deals with compensation for loss or damage which a person has unfairly suffered. It is a branch of civil law, as opposed to criminal law.

Damage may be caused to people in many ways, be it personal injury, or damage to property, and the person harmed is entitled to receive compensation from the person who caused the damage.

This branch of the law includes, amongst other things, work-related, traffic or other accidents, assault, malpractice, defamation and nuisance.

Another area involving tort law is injustice, which includes kidnapping, assault, trespass, damage caused by animals, embezzlement, individual or public nuisance, deceit, breach of contract, and more.

What laws are relating to torts?

The laws under which tort are committed are numerous: the law on compensation for road and other accidents, the law on liability for defective products, the law on defamation, prevention of nuisance, the law against civil offence, the law on consumer protection, the law against sexual harassment, the law of protection of privacy, the law against discrimination in services, goods and entry in public and entertainment places, and more.

What to do to receive a compensation?

For that compensation to be paid the level of responsibility of the person who caused the damage has to be proved, and the amount of compensation due to the injured party must be decided. Beyond the direct financial compensation for damages the law also takes into account other aspects such as past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of income, pain and suffering, and a reduced life expectancy.