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Commercial purchase

Buying property in Israel is something that many do or have done in the past. But buying a commercial real estate is something else. Generally, it means investors who are looking for commercial premises to buy. Commercial properties are recognized as long-term and stable investments. Large companies wishing to settle somewhere to stay permanently buy some too, but it’s rarer. Commercial real estate includes industrial buildings, stores, offices, restaurants-cafe-bars, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.

Buying a commercial property is an investment that pays big. Taxes on housing investments are increasing and so it is an alternative that is worth considering. The prices of these premises are almost always lower than those for living quarters. That’s not all, the gross profitability of the lease is around 8 to 10%. This is double the 3 to 5% reported by housing rentals. In addition, there is less risk of unpaid rent and the security of the investment is better.

How and where to buy a commercial space

To enjoy the benefits of renting a commercial property, one must first choose its location. To the investor, buying a commercial property for an investment means that this investment will have to be profitable. To do this, the purchased property must be in one of the best-placed commercial locations. Whether in the center of the country or elsewhere, the property must be strategically located. It must be well served by public transport and easily accessible.

It is important to have the help of a lawyer and/or a real estate agency to buy commercial property. This will allow the buyer to find a greater choice and to have the opinion of experts in this area. It is also possible to search the Internet, but only if the buyer knows his way in real estate. All the cities in Israel have many small and large commercial areas for sale. It’s all about finding the best and most profitable locations.

The advantages of commercial rental

The purchase contract

For the investment to be profitable and secure certain clauses must absolutely be included in the purchase contract. First is the duration of the lease, the longer it will be and the more secure it will be. Then you need the strongest possible guarantees to avoid future problems. Finally, and most important, you must choose a suitable tenant. For this it is necessary to check their private as well as professional antecedents. Also check that they have no criminal record or other problems with local or national authorities.