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Family law


Family law is concerned with marriage, divorce, parenting, birth, death, inheritance, family relationships and religion. It also determines the legal obligations and rights of each family member.


The difference in Israel between family law and other rights stems from the fact that some family rights depend on the religion of the family. As there are several religions in Israel, each has its own system of family law. The rabbinate (the rabbinical court) handles much of the law relating to Jewish families.


The rabbinate manages the bulk of family law relating to marriage, divorce, alimony, children and conversion. Other areas, such as inheritance, adoption, division of property between spouses, guardianship, cohabitation, single parents and also sometimes alimony and children, are handled by the Family Court according to secular law.


Most legal proceedings involving family law are lengthy, especially divorce cases and all the associated issues such as alimony, custody, property division, etc., and cases involving wills and inheritance.


Nowadays a “family” can be considerably different from the traditional family. These less traditional family structures, such as civil marriages, cohabitation, same-sex couples, single- parent families, require different agreements and laws from the traditional religious marriage.


Types of families and agreements