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Industrial design right

Designs in two or three dimensions belong to the laws protecting intellectual property. The two-dimensional are for example drawings or sketches, the three-dimensional are the finished products made according to the drawings.


The design must be patented and registered as industrial design in the country in order to be fully protected by intellectual property laws.


A design is not necessarily a garment, it can also be a material, a combination of patterns and colors, a special design, a decoration or else, but in all cases it must have a special aesthetic value. The reason why it also must be registered as an industrial design is so that the design in question can be manufactured in industrial quantities. But the design can also be done by hand or through chemical action.


What is important is that according to the intellectual property law the inventor of the design has a commercial monopoly on it if it is registered and that no one else can use the same design without the knowledge or approval of its owner, be it for sale, copy, publication, presentation or any other reason.


When an inventor wants to record his design it will automatically pass an examination, not only as a design but also by the patents’ and industrial design’s authority. Since a design may decorate almost anything be it an object, a fabric or else, when registering the inventor must specify all the product groups for which it seeks protection, such as clothing, textiles, decorative products and so on.