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Copyright, definition and more about this law

Copyright is actually a right for an author, editor or producer, a set of exclusive privileges granted to a person for a work he has created.


It may be a literary, artistic or technical work of any kind whatsoever. Copyright is the moral right of each author, publisher or producer over his work. This does not bring him money but simply means that the author owns the copyright, paternity and respect over his work and that no one else has any rights over it. This right can even be transmitted to the author’s heirs, on the other hand the author also has the right to give the copyright up if he so chooses.


Copyright means that no one but the author has the right to reproduce the work, to create other derivatives, to sell, lend, rent copies of the work or to present it in public by any means. The author is the only one with the right to authorize other persons to use his work for any reason whatsoever.


The work in question can be almost anything, from books, articles, music, films, designs, to website logos, banners, words or sentences designating a specific thing, photos, drawings and more.